The solution to manage your meeting rooms

Thanks to its very intuitive solution, GoodMeeting is THE solution to convert your meeting rooms in connected objects

GoodMeeting Meeting Room

Managing meeting rooms: a nightmare

Have you ever ?
  • Walk all the corridors of your company to look for the right meeting room ?
  • Had issues booking a meeting room ? Know its availability, its capacity, all its equipment ?
  • Be surprised to enter a meeting room already occupied ?

GoodMeeting is the application which removes all the burden around meeting rooms with a smart solution, easy to use and no needed deployment.

The solution

GoodMeeting, the solution !

GoodMeeting for Outlook

for Outlook

and Outlook Web Access

Directly available in the meeting request window of Outlook and Outlook Web Access, GoodMeeting offers a graphical view, simple and fast to dislay all available meeting rooms and their equipments...

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GoodMeeting for Smartphone

for Smartphone


Like its Outlook counterpart, GoodMeeting helps you schedule a meeting, book a meeting room, invite participants directly from your smartphone, from everywhere

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elsewhere !

On all your screens

In conjunction with displays in front of the room, GoodMeeting offers a solution to better inform users on the scheduling of a meeting room, at the building or even at the floor level.

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A complete solution

Better inform participants. Ability to book and order service. Confirm presence: GoodMeeting, the all-in-one solution


End users can now select the meeting room which fits their need (location, available equipements, capacity) in just one look

Better inform

Directly from Outlook, with GoodMeeting, end user will have access to the map and the picture of the meeting room/p>

Catering / Services

If available, the organiser will be able to order catering or services like bottles of water, meal tray, request a specific room set-up etc ...

Reduce no-shows

Thanks to GoodMeeting, participants can now confirm their presence. This is the end of room booked but finally inoccupied !

If no-one is present, the meeting will be automatically cancelled !


Fully integrated in your messaging platform Microsoft Exchange or Office365, GoodMeeting has an unprecedent list of features

Available everywhere

The only solution available on any Outlook, any browser, Android, iPhone and Windows Phone

Intuitive and User Friendly

No complex interface, no training needed. Develop like a modern mobile app

Fully customizable

Everything is configurable: name of the meeting room, capacity, equipments, icons, catering, graphical chart ...

Light and Fast

No database, no costly maintenance. From the installation to the daily user, a lighting fast solution

Cloud (or not ...)

Available within minutes, SaaS or on Premise

Made in France

Developped in France by experts of software development since more than 15 years

Customer testimonial

From lawyer firms to the biggest corporations, GoodMeeting is the solution of the meeting room management nightmare.

“At last, thanks to GoodMeeting, our assistants can book meeting rooms with full knowledge of the facts and in a few seconds where endless exchange of emails was necessary before”

“For us, it is the end of maintening calendars in Excel ! Everything is now in Outlook and on my phone ! What a comfort !”

“Managing our 400 meeting rooms was nightmarish ! Now in less than 5 seconds, I can know which rooms are available and organise my meeting in one click !”